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Oslob Whaleshark Watching
Snorkeling with the whalesharks
Worry no more to those who doesn't know how to swim. Swim with the whalesharks with lifevest and lifeguard on your sides.  
Scuba Diving with whalesharks​​
Learn the basics. Scuba Diving with the whalesharks is one of the things  that you can add in your bucket list when in Oslob.
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Bohol Countryside Tour
The Bohol Countryside Tour takes you on a memorable and fun-filled trip to Bohol's tourist attractions such as the world-renowned Chocolate Hills. Visit historical and cultural landmarks like the Blood Compact Shrine and Baclayon Church, then go sightseeing at the Chocolate Hills and Man Made Forest. Spend some relaxing time with the enchanting Loboc River Cruise. Also meet the cute tarsiers, the world's smallest primates, Pyhton and Butterfly sanctuary.
This tour package includes free entrance fees and lunch at the Loboc River Floating Restaurant.
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  1. The Sumilon Sandbar
    The Sumilon Sandbar
    Pristine white sand and crystal clear waters, The Island remains as one of Cebu’s best kept secrets and is found on the southeastern tip of the mainland. It is 125 kilometers from Cebu City and is in close proximity to Dumaguete. The island has an area of 24 hectares and is surrounded by crystal clear waters with varying aquamarine hues. It is the first marine protected area in the Philippines and was made a fish sanctuary in 1974 under the guidance of Siliman University Marine Reserve. During dives, one will find varied marine species and even occasional sightings of black tip sharks. Pristine white sand beaches are situated in different areas in Sumilon.
  2. Tumalog Waterfalls
    Tumalog Waterfalls
    One of the best things about our home province of Cebu is that our humble island is jam-packed with so many unique natural wonders. Come to think of it, each municipality has its own set of “specialty” attractions, and many more are still being discovered. Cebu is like a paradise of multiple facets. It’s no wonder then why so many visitors, local or foreign, fall in love with Cebu. One of these natural wonders is the unique horseshoe waterfall of Tumalog Falls in Oslob, a municipality 170 kilometers from Cebu City. Lately, it has gotten a lot of attention after it became a side trip for people who wish to see the butandings.
  3. Cuartel Ruins
    Cuartel Ruins
    Located front-right of the church of Oslob, just outside the perimeter stone fence and near the sea, at the intersection of Calle Aeternidad and the end of Calle Aragones, an unfinished building made of coral blocks resembling a Spanish-era barracks stand. This unfinished structure was the cuartel, intended for the Spanish soldiers or guardia civil. It was started by Fray Juan Jose Aragones (1848–1854, 1859–1861) during his second term of service in this municipality. While it was not finished by Fray Aragones, work continued but remained unfinished until the end of Spanish occupation in 1898.
  4. Kawasan Waterfalls
    Kawasan Waterfalls
    Kawasan Falls is a three-stage cascade of clear turquoise water from mountain springs located in the jungles of the Cebu island. The waterfall is considered as a pearl of the Philippines. But in order to get a pleasure of nature, you need to get away from tourist spots and to find a hidden lagoon. Aquamarine water, lush tropical greenery, stone vaults, coolness and freshness.
  5. Sardines in Moalboal
    Sardines in Moalboal
    The sardines are the main attraction here. Watching the huge clouds of sardines creating different shapes and forms with the spectacular reef wall as the backdrop, is a definite must-do for underwater photographers and scuba divers. Accompanying the sardines are sometimes thresher sharks hunting if you are lucky!
  1. Bohol Tour
    Bohol Tour
    The Chocolate Hills (Cebuano: Mga Bungtod sa Tsokolate; Filipino: Mga Tsokolateng Burol) are a geological formation in the Bohol province of the Philippines.[1] There are at least 1,260 hills but there may be as many as 1,776 hills spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometres (20 sq mi).[2] They are covered in green grass that turns brown (like chocolate) during the dry season, hence the name.
  2. Simala Shrine Tour
    Simala Shrine Tour
    Monastery of the Holy Eucharist, popularly known as Simala Shrine or Simala Church, is a castle-like church located in Marian Hills of upper Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga, Cebu. Simala Shrine was built in 1998 by the Marian Monks from Pampanga, after the occurrence of several miraculous events, including that of Mama Mary's shedding of tears. Because of the said miracles, Simala Shrine became so popular that devotees and believers flock the shrine, hoping and believing that their prayer requests would be granted. The shrine's castle-like and picturesque structure makes it even more popular, drawing local and foreign tourists, alike.
  3. Turtle Sanctuary
    Turtle Sanctuary
    Swim with the turtles is also one of the famous tourist attraction in Moalboal. Swimming with the turtles is also possible everyday. Book now!
  4. Million Sardines Swim
    Million Sardines Swim
    This is also a must visit tourist destination in southern part of cebu. Located on west coast of south cebu, one can swim with ...just a million sardines....